Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Verses from the Quran

It is He Who created
The night and the day,
And the sun and the moon:
All (the celestial bodies)
Swim along, each in its
Rounded course. (21:33)

Do they not travel
Through the earth and see
What was the end
Of those before them?
They were superior to them
In strength: they tilled
The soil and populated it
In greater numbers than these
Have done: there came to them
Their apostles with clear (signs),
(which they rejected, to their
own destruction): it was not
God who wronged them, but
They wronged their own souls. (30:9)

Do they not look
At the sky above them? ---
How We have made it
And adorned it,
And there are no
Flaws in it?
And the earth ---
We have spread it out,
And set thereon mountains
Standing firm, and produced
Therein every kind of
Beautiful growth (in pairs)
To be observed
And commemorated
By every devotee
Turning (to God).

And We send down
From the sky rain
Charged with blessings,
And We produce therewith
Gardens and grain for harvests;
And tall (and stately)
Palm-trees, with shoots
Of fruit-stalks, piled
One over another ---
As sustenance for
(God’s servants) ---
and We give (new) life
therewith to land that is
dead: thus will be
the Resurrection. (50:6-11)

Do they not look
At the camels,
How they are made? ---
And at the sky,
How it is raised high? ---
And at the mountains,
How they are fixed firm? ---
And at the earth,
How it is spread out.........